The Lost Photog

So...Where do I begin? You, lucky wanderer, have stumbled upon my first post of my new blog called, 'The Lost Photog'. Why that name? Why am I lost, you ask? Well, it's a combination of a two things so let's get into it.

I began shooting my first Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DLSR) camera back in 2013 while stationed in Spain. It's that little beauty you see to the left there. A Nikon D3200 with the 18-55mm VR kit lens. If you look carefully, you can even see a crack in the Nikon branding at the top.

When I first got my new shiny camera I couldn't stop using it. I had it with me all the time. I was You Tubing how to use it and breaking out the manual, etc. I took a lot of great shots as I quickly forced myself off of the dreadful auto mode, which is a little tricky. Most are very comfortable with doing nothing and letting the camera take the wheel. For a photographer by trade or an enthusiast like myself, that's a no go.

So...after leaving Spain in 2015 it had been, basically, 5 years without me shooting my Nikon. I'm now living in Virginia and I'm retired from the Navy. I lost out on a lot of time without shooting that Nikon. Get it? Lost...You see where I'm going with this. Not sure what it was but for some reason, be it life, new job, location, etc. I lost the mojo that I had an abundance of while living in Europe.

Earlier this year, around February, I began researching astronomy and telescopes, lenses, etc. I think it's amazing! While doing so and I started naturally wanting to get into astrophotography. This led to hiking, as you naturally want access to more remote areas. The health benefits are a big driver for me as well. Long story short is that astronomy led to hiking which led to photography again. Any one of those hobbies requires time and money for sure but I have a special connection to photography. It all ties together so well and each causes the other to be even more interesting and fun.

I'm not one to hesitate when I have an interest or to learn or do something. After getting some hiking gear and going on a hike or two I had the urge to find my Nikon. I found it pretty quickly, shockingly, and began taking it out again for every hike. I was realizing I was a bit lost as to the ease at which I shot in Europe. There it goes again, lost, the theme of this blog, hint hint. That combined together with the fact I'm the type that enjoys being lost to discover new areas, enter hiking.. Thus, the blog 'The Lost Photog'.

Now, remember that whole, I'm not one to hesitate bit if i'm interested? Well, I leapt

right into buying a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera with a Z 24-70mm F2.8 lens. That might sound like gibberish to some right now but it's OK. We'll go over photography and anything else related to websites, running an online business and the making of many mistakes as we go along on this

journey together. I felt it was time to put my photos to the test. I got a domain and called it 'Images by Couillard' and immediately got a website going. I realized that my older photos I had taken might be considered pro level or at least the potential was there despite using only an entry level DLSR. After my big upgrade, the website and promoting the brand my enthusiasm has never been higher for photography. So, join me as I continue to get lost, both literally and figuratively, as I fumble along this life long photography journey.

The Lost Photog

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