The Exposure Triangle Part 2 - Shutter Speed

Hey guys! So the last time I touched on aperture. This time I'll get into shutter speed. Always remember that when you alter one of the factors of the exposure triangle that the other factors must be adjusted as well to provide the balance you are looking for.

So when we press the button to take the picture you hear a click or a sound. That sound is the shutter opening and closing rapidly or very slowly. Think of it as a door that opens and closes at a certain speed. The longer the door takes to open and close again, the more light comes in plus more blur effect (based on how long). The quicker the shutter speed the less light comes in plus the more frozen in time a subject will be (based on how quick). This shutter controls how long (time) light is exposed to the sensor where as aperture was about how much (brightness) light the lens allows to get to the sensor. Good thing to understand the difference to help adjust settings as you go.


If you notice the photo below, the water is very smooth and that indicates a longer shutter speed was used. In this cases it was the shutter was open for 4/5 of a second or 0.8 of a second.

Now, take a look at a photo with a quicker shutter speed time and see the difference. Not the greatest example but I think you guys can see here that the water has more vivid ripples frozen in time and with with no smoothness to it. That shot was taken at 1/1600th of a second which is much faster than the top photo.

Ok, gonna head out now and hope someone...anyone reads at any point in time and learns a little bit lol.

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