First Solo Camping Trip

Let's take you on a journey. A quick journey but it'll be fun.

I reserved a spot at the Oakridge Campground in Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA on Friday. A non-electric site and I wanted it that way. I was excited to give camping a try for the first time alone. Let's just say I wasn't as methodical with planning as I normally am when the family is around lol. I assumed certain things and winged a little bit. I figured if I had to rough it a bit no biggie because I'm alone :o)

Here are some shots of the camp site before setting up the tent.

So, what did I learn? Let's see...bring your own firewood. Even if they say they have some. I am pretty sure the wood was too wet and therefore was hard to stay burning for long. Not that I'm Bear Grylls but I do know the basic concept and dry wood is better for burning.

A four person tent is not really for four people. Matter of fact it's barely enough for one person comfortably. A queen size air mattress takes up most of the tent so not too much room to walk.

As far as the make of the tent and it's ease of use it was great. It is a pop up tent so no annoying poles to deal with. It was up within 30 seconds and it held up well through the night. The photo was taken before adding the rainfly and stakes.

Sleeping at night in the tent is peaceful. You hear a mixture of insects chatting, as well as the fading laughter of other campers as it gets later in the night. It was very nice and I look forward to my next camping trip.

I didn't have as much time as I wanted to explore the day I arrived so I made it out early Saturday morning. I chose the Pyrite Mine and North Valley Trail Loop to hike. It was just over 4 miles and it had some nice areas. Here are a couple of shots I took while out on the hike.

This was a great test run for solo camping and I expect to have many trips over the course of my life, both solo and with family, to experience nature and capture it's essence in my photos. Don't forget to check out my Travel and Nature photos on the main site.

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