Evening at Mercer Lake

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Enjoying your weekend I hope? That's good, I'm enjoying mine too. So, last night I took a little hike, just over 4 miles, over at the Mercer Lake loop trail in Springfield, VA with my friend Nick. Since I began hiking around the DMV area it's the first time I've had some company so it warrants a post!

I took my Cotton Carrier Skout camera holder and this new tactical bag I wanted to test out. It's very small, almost murse-like lol. Anyway, I think I'll do a post about both products or even videos soon. The Skout is great because it allows me to click my camera into a holder so it isn't hanging around my neck. The tactical bag is just a very small sling bag with a deceiving amount of space in it.

The Nikon Z6 with Z 24-70mm lens attached was clipped to my Skout carrier and we were off walking. I have been to this spot a few times and I always saw a deer or two but not this night. I had my tripod with me as well, just in case. I typically bring it with me for all walks as you never know what you'll come across.

*** I use military time when I talk/type so...sorry in advance ;o) ***

By the time we had gotten to this specific spot with a very long walkway atop this hill with the lake to our left, the sun was setting. We sat on a bench to eat a snack and drink some water while the bugs enjoyed our flesh lol. They hovered in a vortex above Nick's head waiting to devour him lol. I told Nick that I missed an amazing shot once when a flock of geese flew over my head out of nowhere a month ago as I was sitting on that same bench. After our snack and some time, maybe 30 minutes at that spot, we began walking again.....20 seconds go by and what do we hear??? The damn Geese flying over the bench we had just left. Unreal! lol So I guess around 1930, to be safe, is the next time for me to wait for those geese another time.

As we were walking back Nick pointed out that he thought he saw a glowing spider. Turns out he was right. Our lights were reflecting off of these spiders there there were thousands of them out there on the sides of the path. This little guy below found a snack himself!

Here's another shot from a different spider...

Last but not least, we ended up seeing an adorable baby frog jumping around...

Ok folks, hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into my hike the other night. Stick around for more posts in the near future!

- The Lost Photog

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