Don't Forget Your Tripod

It's that time of the day where we learn from my mistake together! lol

I went for a quick little hike earlier today and I missed a couple of opportunities for some truly great shots. Here's why...I completely assumed I didn't need my tripod for this trail. I'm not sure why I thought that but I was wrong. When you get out of your vehicle and you think you won't need your tripod...bring it anyway. Think of it as that umbrella you sometimes choose not to bring and then you get rained on because you didn't take it. Take it.

The trail I chose today had a nice waterfall on it and It even had a few spots along the creek where I really needed a tripod. I tried my best to stay still for some of the photos but the longer you expose light the more stable the camera must be. I needed to decrease the shutter speed to try for the shot I wanted but it can't work without stability. I'll go back to that spot again for those shots but I just wanted to point this out. I keep my tripod in the trunk so that I can always have it when traveling but this time I chose to leave it in there. The photos I wanted to take once on the trail were all tripod necessary shots so no photos today. Learn from me and bring your tripod on all hikes :o)

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